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Providing value-based healthcare through increased engagement

Episode Solutions enhances the performance of value-based risk structures by effectively engaging specialist providers and their patients in achievement of the Triple Aim (+1): superior patient care, improvement of population health, reduced healthcare costs and increased clinician and patient satisfaction.

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Consistently deliver quality outcomes at lower total costs.

We reduce the total cost of care without sacrificing quality and outcomes. Utilizing our innovative technology-driven services platform, we engage the patient and extend the physician’s clinical practice to effectively manage to the physician’s plan of care while also managing the patient’s comorbidities throughout the episode period.

Our platform is designed to participate in the financial risk of managing patient total cost of care.


Patient Engagement and Outcomes Satisfaction


Physician Engagement Driven by Ease-of-use and Aligned Incentives


Reduction in Cost per Episode

Addressing unmanaged episodes

Fee-For-Service reimbursed providers are typically not equipped or incentivized to follow patients after they leave the physician’s practice thus creating an “unmanaged patient” for the downstream care that is provided and billed to the payor. These unmanaged patients routinely receive unnecessary care from providers and are at risk of self-referrals into the local healthcare ecosystem, leading to unnecessary care such as ER visits, readmissions, additional post-acute visits or inappropriate lengths-of-stay, as well as potential complications from unaddressed conditions.

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Consistently engage each patient through the care period.

The Episode Solutions platform consistently engages each and every patient throughout the care period in order to address emerging complications, reduce unnecessary ER visits and readmissions, and avoid excessive spending that commonly occurs with unmanaged patients. Moreover, the Episode Solutions platform effectively reduces leakage from preferred networks and ensures patients transition to each provider in a timely way as the physician prescribes in the care plan.

More consistent outcomes at lower costs

Based in our proprietary technology, the results of the Episode Solutions platform include:

  • Effective care coordination driven by a prescribed care plan
  • Effectual data analytics and aligned incentives
  • Consistent efficiencies and leakage reductions
  • Seamless integration into a physician’s practice
  • Patient engagement, support, and increased satisfaction
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Reduced readmissions and unnecessary care
  • Best-in-class performance and satisfaction

Enrolling in BPCI-A ensures additional ancillary income for your practice.

Episode Solutions is a leader in developing flexible, custom Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI-A) Model solutions that achieve exceptional patient care, reduce healthcare costs and increase clinician and patient satisfaction. The model is built around our innovative platform—at the nexus of proprietary technology, data analytics, clinical excellence, and industry-leading customer service. As your partner on the pathway to value-based care, we will also work together to identify additional lines of income for your practice.

New CMS mandatory bundle regulations are coming in 2024.

Enrolling in BPCI-A now allows you to prepare for the future of value-based care in 2024 and beyond, and Episode Solutions provides the only current entry point into BPCI-A. As your partner on the pathway to value-based care, we also will work together to identify additional lines of income for your practice—prior to 2024.

Enrolling in BPCI-A is limited risk.

We can offload the post-acute patient management to drive improved outcomes—while increasing your profitability—with limited risk. We will collaborate with you to select the providers who are going to be most viable in BPCI-A to participate. The Episode Solutions platform and the service we deliver allow us to take on risk on behalf of our clients. You will reap the benefits of providing your patients with outstanding quality outcomes—and prepare for the mandatory bundle program coming in 2024.

It’s never been more important to enter the BPCI-A program—and the only entry point is through Episode Solutions.

All providers will eventually be practicing under a value-based care model. Enrolling in BPCI-A now helps you determine your opportunity and how you mitigate that future risk. Through an Episodes Solutions partnership, we can help you achieve better outcomes—differentiating you from other competitors in your market— establishing a baseline of success in advance of the new CMS regulations coming in 2024.

Start Harnessing Value-Based Payments Today.

Episode Solutions creates a flexible, high-touch experience for your practice. You can elect only the episodes you want to include in BPCI-A. We collaborate with you to select the team of providers that will be most successful. There is no time frame that you are locked into for participation.

Customizable, flexible value-based healthcare solutions based on your specific needs

Learn how Episode Solutions can help your organization reduce the total cost of care without sacrificing quality and outcomes.
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