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Enrolling in BPCI-A is limited risk.

We can offload the post-acute patient management to drive improved outcomes—while increasing your profitability—with limited risk. We will collaborate with you to select the providers who are going to be most viable in BPCI-A to participate. The Episode Solutions platform and the service we deliver allow us to take on risk on behalf of our clients. You will reap the benefits of providing your patients with outstanding quality outcomes—and prepare for the mandatory bundle program coming in 2024.

It’s never been more important to enter the BPCI-A program—and the only entry point is through Episode Solutions.

All providers will eventually be practicing under a value-based care model. Enrolling in BPCI-A now helps you determine your opportunity and how you mitigate that future risk. Through an Episodes Solutions partnership, we can help you achieve better outcomes—differentiating you from other competitors in your market— establishing a baseline of success in advance of the new CMS regulations coming in 2024.

Start Harnessing Value-Based Payments Today.

Episode Solutions creates a flexible, high-touch experience for your practice. You can elect only the episodes you want to include in BPCI-A. We collaborate with you to select the team of providers that will be most successful. There is no time frame that you are locked into for participation.

Customizable, flexible value-based healthcare solutions based on your specific needs

Learn how Episode Solutions can help your organization reduce the total cost of care without sacrificing quality and outcomes.
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