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Providing nationally-recognized value-based care solutions since 2010.


Revolutionize patient care coordination utilizing our proprietary, customized platform that engages patients, high-performing physicians, and other providers.


Be the trusted agent of change for innovation in patient care delivery, facilitating integrated relationships and alliances of stakeholders to deliver value-based care.

The Episode Solutions model integrates proprietary mobile technology with concierge-level services to create a national network of physician and practice members.

Our Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) allow for local identification and recruitment of high-performing physicians in top U.S. markets for the greatest possible quality, efficiency and bundle savings—which can effectively double annual revenues for physicians—ensuring high engagement and loyalty. To date, based on case volume, revenue and CMS outcomes—the Episode Solutions proprietary network has access to over 200 elite physician/practice members across the country.

A network with access to 200+ elite physician and practice members across the country.

Episode Solutions currently serves physicians, hospitals and payors in major U.S. markets in 26 states, and our footprint is rapidly growing into select new locations.

A map of the United States with states shaded in where Episode Solutions currently serves.

For more information about expansion opportunities with Episode Solutions, please contact us at 877-275-3747.

Episode Solutions Leadership

Our leadership team consists of a diverse group of healthcare executives with experience that is both deep and broad.

The Executive Team includes professionals with healthcare finance and operations experience specific to fee and risk-based payment networks, and value-based care, including board leadership of a managed care services company that partnered with physicians to manage healthcare insurance premiums. The team’s background includes healthcare and surgical device board leadership, payor and provider sectors, investment banking, and broad financial experience that includes capital formation for early stage and later stage companies. Leadership has a proven track record in change management and location integration of individual healthcare locations, hospitals, home care, pharmacy division, post-acute, health plan, and ambulatory settings, while creating clinical and financial improvements in operations and clinical services.

Our Medical Director is an orthopaedic spine surgeon with over 25 years of experience, and serves on the Boards of the American Board of Spinal Surgery & Spinal Research Foundation. The Episode Solutions Patient Care and Medical Team includes both surgery and medical professionals who lend their decades of experience serving patients and implementing plans of care.

The Data Science Team has a background in applying AI and machine learning to various problems such as early disease diagnosis, gesture recognition and image classification.

Episode Solutions Board

Our Board is composed of six senior-level surgeons and physicians and two investment partners with C-suite/senior level leadership and management experience on the payor and delivery side. 

Board members have specific experience building sustainable network-based business units, including specialty networks and ACO/delegated entities operating on performance fee or risk-based payment platforms; and integrated post-acute care services operating on bundled or performance-based fee payment platforms. Board members also include experts on Medicare Advantage. 

Board members bring experience in medical devices, biomechanics, biotechnology, as well as extensive patent development expertise, including inception, design, intellectual property management, engineering, proof of concept, development, manufacturing efficacy and efficiency, prototyping, testing, regulatory process, marketing, launch, 510(K), FDA approval, and negotiation for licensing.

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