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Revolutionizing patient care coordination utilizing our proprietary, customized platform that engages patients, high-performing physicians, and other providers. Our vision is to be the trusted agent of change for innovation in patient care delivery, facilitating integrated relationships and alliances of stakeholders to deliver value-based care.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of a diverse group of healthcare executives with experience that is both deep and broad.

Scott Burleyson
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Mark Cianciolo
Chief Operations Officer
Erik Kraemer
Chief Development Officer
Tom Gallagher
CEO & Co-Founder
John Hannon
SVP, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs
Wendi Hester
SVP, Human Resources
Ryan Paligo
SVP, Technology
Paul Slosar, MD
Chief Medical Officer

A network with access to 350+ elite physician and practice members across the country.

Episode Solutions currently serves physicians, hospitals and payors in major U.S. markets in 25 states, and our footprint is rapidly growing into select new locations.

A map of the United States with states shaded in where Episode Solutions currently serves.

For more information about expansion opportunities with Episode Solutions, please contact us at 877-690-0069.

Customizable, flexible value-based healthcare solutions based on your specific needs

Learn how Episode Solutions can help your organization reduce the total cost of care without sacrificing quality and outcomes.
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